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Guest Blog Posting

What is Guest Blogging

Guest blog post is the one which is written by expert writer or blogger for a blog which is not related to him or he is not the owner of that blog, Its posted on third party blog. Google penguin update was crucial to start Guest Blog Posting which eliminated many low quality link building methods. After penguin update, the only way to build organic, real and content rich links was by doing guest blogging. Guest blog is beneficial for organic links, brand building or exposure as well as divert referral traffic to you.

Guest Blogging is always seen as invention of Post-Penguin World and its so effective after the Penguin update by Google.

Guest Blog process includes researching high quality related blogs and doing blog outreach one to one basis by contacting those blog owners through emails, contact forms, social media or personally outlining what you can write for blog which will be useful for blog readers.

Essential Blog Metrics

When its comes to high quality guest blogging, one thing you need to keep in mind is about essential quality metrics, and need to verify if the target blog is as per your needs & related to your industry.

First parameter which you can check if Domain Authority (DA is most popular metrics of Open Site Explorer). If it has high DA, than its good blog, You also need to verify the Page Rank, if the blog is indexed in Google, In some cases It may have High DA, but Google may have de-indexed it. Social mentions or sharing is another factor you need to consider, check if blog have enough social media popularity. Other things you can check how active is community on that blog or who is contributing, is blog being updated regular.

You need to check Alexa Ranking, Backlinks Profile, Separate IP, Blog Design or Layout. All our blog posting services are provided based on these matrix itself.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is 100% white hat link building method also given go ahead by Matt Cutts, if done in correct way by proper outreach and producing and distributing high quality guest blog contents.

Guest Blog can provide you one way quality links from author BIO which is organic method of link building which helps to acquire natural editorial inbound links for your site as well as you can get additional links to you social media profile pages. You brand gets visibility for blog readers and it helps to build brand reputation. You can also get direct traffic from readers of that blog.

Guest Blogging helps to build Domain and Search Engine Authority as well as increase your Online Influence. It also strengths your social profile and to get your name out there.

We are 15+ year old SEO company offering SEO services since 1998, with vast experience in SEO and changing SEO methods and techniques, we have been leading company in offering guest blog posting services to our client with 100% satisfaction.

Our experience and expertise, relationships with bloggers have helped us to offer organic guest blog posting services which 100% result oriented.

We offer organic real guest blog posting services based on various quality metrics like DA, PR, Social Metrics and blog popularity.

We also provide content writing services which include on topic guest blog post writing based on your niche and industry and then publishing same to the themed blogs.

We have team of expert bloggers with experience in one to one blogger outreach, with database of 1000+ real blogs in different niche industries, we have got leading edge on other companies.

All our blog posts are real and organic. We take care of various metrics like Domain Authority, Social Popularity, Page Rank and reader base of blogs before publishing your posts.


How you select blogs for outreach ?

We hand pick blogs based on your website niche as well as blog post topic. We also check various blog metrics before publishing your blog post

...

Real Blog Posts on High DA, PR and Popular Niche Blogs Contact Now!